Cave Divemaster and Instructor Intern Programs

The Cave Divemaster course is the first step in the NSS-CDS leadership pipeline. It is the equivalent to what a recreational or technical divemaster/supervisor does.
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Prerequisites For Cave Divemaster:
  • Be certified as a Full Cave diver.
  • Be a current member of the NSS and the CDS.
  • Have a professional Liability policy naming the NSSCDS as an additional insured.
  • Sign a NSSCDS Leadership Application prior to the start of training.
  • Have logged at least 100 cave dives post Full Cave Diver certification.
  • Hold a Divemaster rating from a widely recognized agency.
  • Submit a resume of diving experience, both recreational and technical.
  • There are other requirements we will review.
  • What You Will Learn:
  • Techniques for guiding certified cave divers.
  • Techniques and procedures for assisting with cave diver training courses.
  • How to organize/plan a cave dive under direct instructor supervision.
  • Graduates of the Cave Divemaster Program May:
  • Conduct guided cave dives.
  • Observe and assist NSS-CDS instructors with cavern, apprentice and cave diver classes.
  • Take part in instructor development classes/programs.
  • Cave Divemasters May Not:
  • Independently teach or guide student cave divers
  • Conduct student training exercises or skill performance evaluations.
  • There is no set time required for this course, but realize this is not a two or three weekend course.

    Prior To Certification You Must:
  • Audit a complete Apprentice Cave Diver training program from start to finish.
  • Pass the NSSCDS Full Cave Diver Exam with a minimum score of 90%.
  • Be able to conuct all in water skills from the Apprentice and Full cave Diver level with demonstration quality.

  • There are two ways to compensate me for these internship programs, which include: Cave Divemaster, Assistant Cave instructor, Apprentice Cave Instructor and Full Cave Instructor.

  • Pay as a student OR
  • Bring me two full paying students. Choose this option and you can intern for their entire course at no charge.

  • All candidates for these programs must be pre-approved by the Training Director of the NSS-CDS.

    Call or e-mail me for all the details.

    NSS-CDS Instructor Programs


    Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013

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